A Beautiful Winter Tale

“Do you sometimes feel the same way I do now, just forsaken, like a little leaf in the wind, with the feeling, that nobody on this whole blue sphere thinks of you? Yes?
Today I am feeling this way, and I sit by the window thinking about my little sister Eva. I stare at the horizon and feel that out there, somewhere far away out there, Eva is thinking of me just now.
Eva always loved me, she always called me MON AMOUR or AMORE MIO, but someday there came someone she loved even more than me, and along with him Eva moved away, far away. And now I am alone here by the window and I am sad, and it is raining, and Eva is not here and can’t tell me any stories.
Eva is my little sister. She was so small, that she was almost invisible, when my parents moved with us from Italy to NYC. She was and is my little, beloved sister, but when she used to tell me the story about Eve and the Foxes, a long time ago, then she used to put on her glasses and went on telling and looked upon me with her big, earnest eyes. She was checking if I was listening carefully, and then, you know, it was me who was the little kid, Eva’s little brother, and I couldn’t look straight into her eyes, because Eva then became an old, strict but good hearted fairy. And every time when I had to cry at the end of Eve and the Foxes, Eva held her hand before her glasses, because when you love someone, you cry when the beloved is crying, and your hearts touch each other.
You might ask yourself, why Eva always told me such a sad story, if I was already pretty sad by myself. Eva was a real fairy, and she knew even by that time, that the tears we cry out of love, become little pink clouds that jump from our cheeks and sail with the wind: to let rain far away from us a hundred times smiles or laughter on the kids and adults, who are sad there, on the other side of the moon, who are sad and waiting for a smile. And therefore, because today I am sad and Eva is living far away from me, I will tell you and myself a last time the story of Eve and the Foxes.”


About Eve and the Foxes

“I wanted to write something in the style of the Little Prince of St. Exupery, and started the story in 1992. it took me more than 15 years to change it and finally be really happy with it, but now I am.”

Roberto Lalli delle Malebranche



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